What is the SureTab Medication Pack?

The SureTab medication pack is a means of packing your medication into doses by time of day and day of week making it easier for you to take the correct tablet at the correct time and at the correct dose.

The packs come as a roll of individually prepared pouches for each time of the day you are to take your medication.

Each pouch has the name of each tablet or capsule, its colour and strength for ease of identification, the day of the week and the corresponding time of day.

This let you see at a glance exactly what time and day the pouch corresponds to.

How does it work?

You will receive a refill for your medication on a weekly or monthly basis as you desire. The pouches are produced in sequence matching the order in which you will take your medication during the week.

Some products, such as creams and inhalers, are not suitable for the SureTab pack and these are dispensed in their original container.

Who is it suitable for?

The SureTab system is ideal if you have been prescribed a lot of regular medication, making it easier to follow your medication plan. The SureTab system is also suitable for people who are aided by carers or home helps in the community.

The administration of medication is simplified and all medication is easily identifiable, reducing the risk of any medication administration errors.

Benefits of SureTab.

Safe: You no longer need to worry about remembering what medication your doctor has prescribed for you. The SureTab system ensures the correct tablet is taken at the correct time at the correct dose.It has all the instructions printed on each packet for each medication.

Practical: Medication for a time of day or even a full day can be separated from the weekly or monthly roll ensuring you are only carrying the medication you need. It is small enough to fit into a coat pocket. There is no need to take big boxes or cards of medication with you and you avoid mixing up various drugs.

Verifiable: It's easy to see if you have taken your medication. The full dose for each time of day and day of week is packed in a separate pouch, irrespective of how often you need to take medication daily. The description of each tablet, including all tablet markings, is on each pouch so it's easy to identify individual tablets.

Discrete: Your medication is discreetly packed ensuring only you are able to see what medication you are taking. Your medication is packed in plain packets rather than readily identifiable medication boxes.

Easy: We can organise delivery of the complete medication for a one month supply.We can also liaise with your doctor and arrange for your prescriptions to be collected on your behalf. Alternatively, if you choose to collect your medication, it will be ready when you require it reducing your waiting time in the pharmacy.

Neat: Each new patient receives a reusable plastic dispenser box ensuring all medication is kept clean.The pack is small enough to carry for holidays, etc.